Flowever Lab

At Flowever Lab we offer a calming, intimate workspace where you can come and experience hands-on crafts, work closely with our facilitator, and leave with a beautiful piece of art you can gladly call your own. Our small classes are one of the things that allow us to be a distraction-free space that really helps you to find your “flow” and stay in that space.

Our Specialties

Decorative Candles

Learn how to make and customize a traditional scented candle or try your hand at designing your own stunning, decorative candle, we are here to teach you!

Plaster decorations

Plasterwork that not only looks beautiful but smells great too! Put it in the open for everyone to see or place it somewhere to freshen up your space.

Floral Decorations

Everyone knows the iconic rose in a glass case but have you ever thought about making one yourself? Or choose your own selection of flowers and design an exquisite, transparent frame to place on your wall. With your own personalized bouquet, let’s recreate that iconic magic!

Nagomi Pastel

Nagomi Pastel is a form of healing art originally founded in Japan. It is a soft, gentle, and therapeutic way of painting with your fingers. The simplicity of its technique makes it not only approachable for beginners, but enjoyable for all.

About us

We are a humble workshop based in Charlottetown. We have a very small and friendly staff that works together to create a welcoming space where you can relax and get your craft on. We use quality materials to ensure our products not only look great, but last a long time as well.

What is “Flowever” ?

The “flow” state or being “in the zone” is that unique feeling of being completely immersed in and deeply focused on an activity. Getting lost in enjoying what you are doing is the feeling that inspired Flowever Lab and what drives us to cultivate spaces like that for others!

Get in Touch


115 Richmond Street, Unit 309, Charlottetown.


+(902) 393 4309


Mon, Wed to Fri:  9:30am – 12:30pm
12:30pm or after (By appointment)
Tue & Sat: (By appointment)
Sun and Holidays: Closed